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Before you start using herbal preparations to treat your health ailments, please read this text to the end. Alternative medicine, herbal remedies, home remedies and various natural herbal preparations can help in the treatment and prevention of the disease, but they should be used very carefully and you should definitely consult an expert before using herbal preparations.
In recent decades, school medicine, rightly or wrongly, has caused distrust. Criticisms are primarily related to the prescribing of excessively strong drugs with undesirable, partial and dangerous side effects as well as most often unilateral methods of treatment. The real cause of the disease, which can be on a psychological basis as well as on the way of life or in the patient's environment, is in most cases not sought, and thus not eliminated.
The propensity for milder medicine is present as can be seen from the fact that every fourth doctor applies natural healing procedures as well as from the fact that eighty percent of citizens have tried at least one herbal preparation or alternative therapies.
On this site herbslikemedicine.com we want to show you how active self-help can easily have a therapeutic effect.

It is not always necessary to use a heavy arsenal of pharmacology, especially if it is a minor discomfort. Modern man has, unfortunately, turned into a passive consumer of medicines who, almost always, transfers the responsibility for his health to his doctor.
A healthy lifestyle influences the prevention of illness, and this is where active self-help is sought. That is why we bring to these pages the principles of a healthy life and a conscious way of healthy living. The presented methods of natural treatment, as well as long-tried home remedies, can and should act preventively in strengthening the immune system.

Three-quarters of all health ailments can be easily diagnosed and no medical examinations are necessary. Colds, constipation, gastritis, colitis, headaches, etc., can be successfully removed or reduced susceptibility to disease by natural measures through a change in diet and lifestyle. It is necessary to draw attention and point out that natural treatments are used properly. In other words, the body's ability to heal itself should be supported by these methods and ways, and not with some, such as aromatic or psychotherapies, exaggerated, and thus burden the body. Whoever consciously promotes a healthy lifestyle is ready to support others in such an endeavor and provide assistance. We are convinced that this way of living and thinking will improve the often disturbed relationship between the patient and the doctor.

This web site, herbslikemedicine.com, is designed to provide general information on a wide range of health-related topics and contains some natural healing methods that can be applied independently. The purpose of the information presented here is not to give medical advice or instructions on the use of certain products or the promotion of certain products as such and is for informational purposes only. These pages are designed as an incentive for people to start applying milder, natural treatments. It is not necessary to apply all the described treatment methods, but only those that are most acceptable and most suitable for you. It is important to emphasize that the methods and manners of natural treatment mentioned on this site herbslikemedicine.com do not have contraindications if applied correctly, and we should not forget the psychological factor.

The medical advice listed on herbslikemedicine.com should not be construed as a substitute for medical care. One should always keep in mind that self-help has its limits. For certain symptoms, one should not experiment with the advice of a layman, but seek medical help. The medical information we provide is incomplete and is made as a supplement and not as a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and assessment of the medical staff caring for the patient or as a recommendation for any particular treatment program. No patient should use the information contained on this site to diagnose or treat a health problem or illness without consulting qualified medical personnel. In order for natural methods of treatment and the use of home remedies to be properly applied, a proper diagnosis is required. If you are unsure of your own diagnosis, seek medical attention. Any use of the substances mentioned on herbslikemedicine.com is solely at your own risk. If changes occur or your health deteriorates when you take a home remedy, tell your doctor immediately.