Aromatic therapies, treatment with essential oils, are a new branch of the old way of natural healing. This method of treatment is thought to have originated 4,000 years ago, probably in China. For Chinese herbalists, these concentrated fragrant substances were of special importance because their properties strengthened the soul and body.
More and more people are discovering the beneficial, pleasant effects of essential oils on a daily basis. These are essences, extracts with a strong stimulating effect, so healing properties can be achieved with very small doses. One should not believe that what is good, in a higher dose is even better.

With external use, the skin absorbs essential oils that penetrate the blood and are selectively absorbed by certain organs, such as thyme from the intestines, rosemary and tarragon from the gallbladder. The application is best if you put the oil in a bath, and it can also be applied by dripping a few drops of oil on the feet and wrists and gently massaging, if necessary, several times a day. When massaging a larger area of the body, you can drip five drops of oil into the massage oil.

Essential oils can also reach the airways through the respiratory system. When inhaling, put a few drops of oil on a handkerchief and inhale or into hot water, and with a towel over your head inhale the steam, and you can also inhale the scent from the bottle itself. When vaporizing, add oil to the water so that the smell spreads throughout the room. In this application of essential oils, it is most appropriate to use eucalyptus or peppermint oil.

For internal use of essential oils, the dose should be adjusted to the pain. For headaches it is enough to take two drops of oil, while for infections two drops, but five times a day. It is recommended to take oils with a spoonful of honey since they have a bitter taste. You can also use oils as an addition to tea.

Essential oils have no contraindications and if you have kidney problems then you should use essential oils according to your doctor's instructions.