Arteriosclerosis or calcification of the arteries is a diseased change in blood vessels due to toxins (nicotine), high cholesterol and aging of blood vessels. Blood vessels due to fat and limestone become hard, lose their elasticity and constrict so as to impede the normal flow of blood through them. In the final stage, they become completely clogged.
Arteriosclerosis is a consequence of other diseases (heart attack, angina pectoris, tissue death, nerve death), and it is indicated by the following symptoms: cold blue-white extremities, irregular heartbeat, circulatory disorders, decreased ability to remember and concentrate, irritability, decreased work abilities. Signs of the disease appear only when the condition is quite serious and begins to affect the normal blood flow in the body. Characteristics vary depending on which part of the body is affected, and are most commonly manifested as problems with blood flow to the brain, angina pectoris, impaired kidney function, tingling in the legs, cold feet, occasional pain in the leaf blade, decreased hair growth on the legs, dead skin, poor healing of injuries and the appearance of sores on the legs. Arteriosclerosis very often affects people who have high blood pressure, damaged kidneys or diabetics.

When you notice signs of arteriosclerosis, be sure to seek medical help to try to stop the process of calcification at an early stage and change the previous irregular lifestyle that caused the disease.


- Reducing blood fats will be achieved by eating fresh vegetables and grains. Eggplant, carrots, onions, leeks, soy, boiled fish, yogurt, corn and sunflower oil have a cholesterol-lowering effect as well as vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of pectin (apple, quince). In the initial stage, rice and oatmeal will help regenerate blood vessels. Eat unsalted
- Avoid: sweets, whipped cream, fatty cheese, fatty meat, browned flour, salami, offal, animal fat, fried food, toast, white bread, egg pasta, cakes, seafood, fish from oil and dried and alcohol in large quantities
- Reduce excess weight and check your blood pressure regularly
- Stop smoking and avoid smoky places
- Eat as often as possible fresh vegetables that you can also cook, which is prepared as quickly as cooked, and retains its flavor, natural color and ingredients
- Showering and bathing the whole body or just the feet with the addition of fruit vinegar will improve better blood circulation
- Massage or as an addition to the bath rosemary essential oil
- It is necessary to move as much as possible in the fresh air
- Drink teas made from white hawthorn, sage, shepherd's purse or garlic
- Eat three tablespoons of sauerkraut or white cabbage juice on an empty stomach
- Mistletoe extract (about 20 drops in half a glass of water to drink three times a day)
- Avoid stress and stressful situations and apply relaxation methods regularly
- Medicinal plants: peppercress, horseradish, leek, garlic (raw or as a juice). Old home remedy: garlic boil in milk, drain and drink on an empty stomach


Necessarily go to see your doctor.