A large number of people belong to the group of people suffering from rheumatic diseases of the joints, muscles and tendons. These rheumatic diseases manifest as arthrosis (joint pain), arthritis (inflammation of the joints), rheumatism, gout and muscular rheumatism.

Osteoarthritis is most often the wear and tear of the joints due to age, which swells slightly and causes pain with greater effort. Regeneration of worn joints is not possible. Prolonged arthrosis causes deformity of the joints, reduced mobility and permanent pain.

Arthritis is an inflammation caused due to bacteria or degeneration of the joints. Initially, acute arthritis manifests itself through high fever with attacks of tremors in the joints and severe pain. The joints are red and slightly swollen.
Chronic arthritis is not caused by infection but is the result of improper metabolism in the body, or impaired metabolism. Inflamed cartilage in the joints produces too much “lubricant” so that the tissue and joint swell and cause pain. Progressive disease causes the "lubricant" to erode the cartilage of the joint, causing the joint to deform so that the ability to move becomes more difficult and the pain becomes unbearable. In the last stage, there is a complete weakening of the muscles.

Rheumatic diseases according to the current stage of development of medicine cannot be cured, but medical and self-help measures can reduce pain.


- Avoid eating meat, salt, denatured and fabricated foods, strong spices, sugar, chocolate and sweets, or foods that contain too many carbohydrates, and eat more vegetables instead
- Reduce excess weight if it is excessive to reduce pressure on the joints
- Avoid alcohol as it causes contraindications if taken with antirheumatic agents
- Acupuncture
- Instead of strong painkillers, gently flex your joints
- Swim because there is less strain on the joints in the water
- Take extra vitamin B and trace elements that have a beneficial effect on bone tissue (copper, manganese, sulfur)
- In acute inflammation, apply cold compresses over the joints, and in chronic inflammations, apply warm compresses, especially with the addition of clay
- Washing the body in fruit vinegar in the direction of the heart
- Put compresses of mashed cheese, potato, mustard, hay trine and bran
- Drink teas made from horseradish and elderberry, linden blossom, nettle, celosia, thyme and birch leaves
- Baths with the addition of essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, calendula, sandalwood, thyme or add to a sulfur bath
- Apply hot pepper cream three times a day


When the pain becomes unbearable visit a doctor.