Back pain has grown into a disease of civilization. They are caused by our mostly irregular sitting, improper lifestyle and constant tension and burden with which we are surrounded. Back pain is a multifaceted phenomenon and in most cases it occurs due to improper posture especially when bending, muscle tension and body overload due to being overweight which causes cartilage damage between the joints and the vertebrae put pressure on the nerves in the spinal canal.

Back pain can also be an alarm signal for some internal diseases, for example it can be a side effect of improper functioning of the kidneys, intestines or urinary organs, and therefore it is necessary to determine the actual cause of the disease and determine the correct therapy.

It is not possible to regenerate a damaged spine, so it is important to prevent its damage in time, which can be achieved by natural treatment methods and correction of behavior, especially if it is pain in the cervical spine. Natural therapies and acupuncture have shown good results in natural healing.


- Try to rest; move slowly to find out in which position your spine and back hurt the most, and try to avoid that position
- Put ice packs to reduce pain
- Take alternating hot and cold showers
- Foot baths and rubbing with a dry towel
- Add sulfur to hot baths and then lie down to sweat well
- Apply dressings with the addition of clay and kale leaves
- Drink teas from birch leaves and yarrow
- Massage with essential oils of celosia, arnica, pine needles, rosemary and peppermint
- Try to lose weight if you are overweight
- Try to have a suitable mattress in bed that will adjust to the position of your body
- To strengthen your back muscles, exercise with a body-ball, swim, gymnast certain exercises and apply certain yoga positions


When self-help measures do not achieve positive results for a long time or when the pain becomes unbearable, seek medical help.