Bruises are temporary skin injuries that cause a change in skin color. A blow to the body with a hard object or a fall will cause bruising or bruising. Bruises appear in a number of different forms, from small bluish marks in minor injuries, to large black and swollen ones in severe cases. In places where there are bruises, the subcutaneous tissue or deeper layers of the skin become swollen due to the collection of blood that has leaked from the injured blood vessels.

The fresh bruise is reddish, painful, and tender, and after a few hours it turns purple or blue. Bruises affect absolutely all people regardless of gender, race and age. Children are more prone to bruising for the simple reason that they spend more time playing and participating in activities that can cause injuries. Older people also get bruises more easily, and this is because the loss of fat pads under the skin causes a loss of flexibility.

In healthy people, the bruise will heal naturally, and the speed of healing of the bruise depends on its size, and lasts for two to four weeks. If bruises appear for no reason then they should be taken seriously. Certain health conditions, such as diabetes, can cause bruising, but also make it harder for bruises to heal more slowly with an injury, so you should see a doctor if bruises appear uninjured or difficult to heal. There is no possibility of infection if the bruise is not scratched or pressed.


- Do not exert the injured parts and put an ice pack on the hematoma
- Partial cold bath to prevent swelling
- After cooling, apply warm compresses with the addition of essential oil of calendula or arnica, compresses of mashed cheese, clay or bran
- Massage with essential oil or ointment of calendula and arnica
- Apply compresses of calendula, thyme, dill, white nettle and yellow sweet clover
- Apply essential oils of hyssop and lavender
- Take ginkgo, sea buckthorn, pineapple, chestnut, grape seed extract and olives
- Bath in salt water
- Teas made of chestnut, milk thistle and green tea
- Do not scratch swellings and bruises
- Strengthen the immune system


If the swelling does not go away or you have a lot of large bruises, and if you are worried about bruises due to a possible fracture or bruises have appeared for no reason, necessarily see your doctor.