Despite great advances in cancer research and good cure options, this type of disease is causing despair in people with it. To seek an answer about the causes that cause this disease means to look for an answer about possible behavioral measures to prevent it. Since the disease was foreign to ancient peoples, it was easier to find the cause of cancer.

Cancer is a disease of civilization caused by many factors. Although in some cases the cause is hereditary, still typical causes should be sought in your immediate lifestyle. Unhealthy, stress-intensive lifestyles, depression, alcohol, nicotine, medications, diet, polluted environment, etc. are a suitable basis for the development of cancer. As much as 90% of lung cancers are caused by nicotine. Despite this fact, many continue to smoke, thus putting their lives in danger and shortening it, primarily because smoking causes a third of all cancers - larynx, oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach and bladder. It is similar with excessive consumption of alcohol which enhances the action of nicotine.

Until a few years ago, certain cancers (pancreatic and gallbladder cancer) could not be prevented by preventive measures because they were thought to be caused by infections. There is reason for hope since it has been established that foods contain micro-substances that have antibacterial and antibiotic effects in the body. Scientists at the U.S. National Cancer Research Institute have found that 33 foods contain anti-cancer substances. Research is aimed at isolating these substances in the form of drugs to prevent disease.

These anti-cancer substances are effective bioactive herbal substances that act pharmacologically in the body and primarily strengthen the immune system. The substances act to prevent cancer, and are divided into groups:
Carotenoids (carrots, green leafy vegetables)
Flavonoids (red cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, grapes, cherries)
Glucosinolates (cabbage)
Protease inhibitors (legumes)
Phenol acids (kale, wheat, walnuts)
Phytosterols (sunflower seeds, natural vegetable oils)
Phytoestrogens (mash)
Sulphides (leek, garlic)
These substances take over the antioxidant function in the body, that is, they suppress oxygen-rich free radicals that cause cell damage. Whether these same substances prevent tumor growth has not yet been proven.

The process of developing cancer in the body can begin 15-20 years before the disease is noticeable. Nevertheless, the chance of curing cancer is over 80% if detected at an early stage. At the first symptoms of cancer (prolonged pain, blood in urine and stool, frequent bruising, altered moles, etc.) seek medical attention immediately. As part of cancer control, natural treatment methods can support therapies of modern medicine that has more effective means at its disposal.


- Reduce your chances of getting cancer by being aware of yourself and your health
- Stay away from various miracle workers and miraculous potions
- Pay attention to your body, especially your skin, to detect some of the symptoms in a timely manner
- Perform a systematic examination once a year
- Eat as many fresh vegetables as possible, because cooking destroys many active substances that are sensitive to heat
- Butterbur, echinacea, parsley, sage and ginseng are herbs that strengthen the immune system and affect the suppression of lung cancer
- Foods that contain lactic acid suppress growths of cancer cells
- Psychotherapeutic treatment can improve treatment in the direction of the patient gaining more self-confidence and thinking positively
- Make changes in your life, be more active and strive to bring joy to life, and thus you will increase the amount of dopamine in the brain
- Eat foods that contain anti-cancer substances (the higher the more effective):
soy, ginger
carrot, celery, parsnip
red onion, tea, orange, yellow root
lemon, grapefruit, brown rice
flax seeds, cauliflower, broccoli, wheat
oats, Brussels sprouts, peppermint, oregano
cucumbers, sage, rosemary, potato, thyme
watermelon, basil, barley, tarragon, chive
- After the cure for cancer, try to make a regular examination program with your doctor, use the properties of medicinal plants, a special name and try to live a healthy life


Necessarily visit a doctor.