Today, the most common cause of death is cardiovascular disease. You cannot treat diseases and disorders of the heart and blood circulation on your own, but you must seek medical help. Self-help measures can aid therapy, but you should consult your doctor about their use.

By circulatory disorders we mean the consequences caused by high blood pressure (sparking before the eyes, headaches, dizziness), low blood pressure (feeling weak, pale, general weakness), circulatory disorders (numbness, tingling) and tissue damage due to arteriosclerosis. See your doctor for longer and more frequent problems.

Blood flow obstruction refers to hypertension (high blood pressure) or hypotension (low blood pressure). None of the real causes are known for either. In most cases, the cause of permanent stress is associated with an improper lifestyle. Excessive secretion of kidney hormones can also cause vasoconstriction and narrowing as well as the use of cortisone-containing medications and anti-rheumatic medications.
High blood pressure endangers the most important organs (brain, heart, kidneys) and therefore requires treatment under the supervision of a doctor. High blood pressure manifests itself on the whole organism: a feeling of weakness, decreased ability to work, rapid fatigue, redness of the skin, excessive sweating.


- Avoid salty foods and eat as many fresh vegetables as possible and as less meat as possible
- Schedule five to six smaller meals a day instead of three larger and hard-to-digest ones
- Do not eat anything between meals
- Avoid salt, and season food with garlic salt
- Different types of vegetables affect blood flow stabilization and blood purification: carrot, parsley, onion, spinach, radish; we also recommend juices from the same vegetables
- Wheat germ oil regulates blood flow
- Leek and garlic have the property of lowering high blood pressure
- Avoid sweets, whipped cream, browned flour, fatty meats, salami, offal, filtered food, white bread, toast, egg pasta, cakes, seafood, oiled fish and dried fish
- Reduce excess weight
- Avoid coffee and cigarettes
- Dry rubbing with a towel, washing and showering alternately with hot and cold water with the addition of essential oils, algae and fruit vinegar stimulate better blood circulation
- Move in the fresh air and exercise lightly
- Apply relaxation techniques
- Massage with essential oils or use them as an addition to baths: rosemary, lemon, lavender or pine needles, and carrot oil to which you add a tablespoon of honey
- Drink teas made from dandelion, white hawthorn, mistletoe and lemon balm
- Avoid stressful situations and noise and try to get enough sleep


Obligatory seek medical attention.