Bedsores, known by the medical name of a pressure ulcer od decubitus ulcer, is a disease that represents damage to the skin and subcutaneous tissue that occurs due to pressure and insufficient connection with oxygen, which is associated with poor blood circulation. These damages can also be created in a relatively short time.

Decubitus is a disease that occurs by pressing on a certain part of the body lying down or sitting, more precisely, when strong and prolonged pressure on a certain part of the tissue on the body, which interrupts blood and oxygen circulation in that part of the body, and the skin becomes firm and red or soft and purple-blue in color. As blood flow is interrupted in that particular part of the body, blood flow through some organs is also reduced due to constriction or blockage of blood vessels, and where blood does not circulate there is an accumulation of bacteria bacterial growth.

People who are not able to prevent the continuous pressure of the solid substrate on the tissues are constantly at increased risk of pressure ulcers. This occurs in elderly patients, in people with neurological problems and in those admitted to hospital due to acute illness. Such persons cannot protect themselves from the occurrence of pressure ulcers either because they cannot change their body position on their own or because they irregularly and incorrectly receive someone else's help that is necessary for them to perform certain movements or change their body position. The first of the symptoms of pressure ulcers is when the skin begins to lose its color and becomes pale red or dark red and painful, then takes on a black color, hardens and becomes dead to the touch, dead skin peels leaving open wounds where subcutaneous tissue is visible.


- Apply daily body hygiene
- Change bed linen and personal laundry regularly
- Get enough protein, vitamins A and C and elements involved in oxygen transport (zinc, iron, copper)
- Take ginkgo and grape seeds to improve circulation
- Use quinine to wash wounds
- Apply marigold and lavender compresses
- Apply the massage alternately using hot and cold means
- Frequent pressure redistribution in critical areas by setting the pads
- Change the patient's position every two hours
- Regular and proper nutrition
- Continuous infection control


Necessarily go to see your doctor.