Diarrhea is the body's defensive reaction to toxins, ie harmful substances and manifests itself as a rare and liquid stool. The causes can be different: psychosocial stress, certain medications, spoiled food, unclean water, allergies to certain foods, salmonella infection, gastritis, kidney disease, intestinal flu, etc. It is associated with large fluid loss in the body as well as mineral salts. We distinguish between transient diarrhea, which is harmless and usually lasts for two days, and chronic diarrhea, which must be treated because it is most often caused by inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, which can then no longer perform its function.

The rapid passage of softened waste products often accompanied by stomach cramps is a sign of the appearance of a latent disease. Many people experience diarrhea at certain times, which usually goes away without the necessary interventions, but chronic diarrhea can occur due to insufficient absorption of water from the stool in the colon. Severe and prolonged bouts of diarrhea can cause water loss. Symptoms of diarrhea are cramps in the abdominal cavity, often followed by discharge of loose or liquid stools, and swelling and bloating.


- Apply enemas to clean the intestines, ie to remove toxins in them
- Drink as much liquid as possible, unsweetened blueberry and clove root teas, blueberry and blackcurrant juices, carbonic acid-free drinks
- Temporarily avoid foods rich in protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and milk
- Eat as less as possible, and it is best to eat bananas, natural rice and potatoes cooked in their shells
- It is recommended a short fast
- Grated apple regulates intestinal function and absorbs toxic substances from the intestinal wall
- Do not eat fruits and vegetables at the same time
- Bananas and carrots chopped into a porridge, quince and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water act to prevent diarrhea
- Put warm compresses of chamomile and cold compresses of clay, loam on the abdomen twice a day and keep them for two hours
- Take one to two drops of cinnamon or clove essential oil with a tablespoon of honey or lavender or sage oil
- Acupressure
- Old homemade recipe: peeled potatoes and carrots in equal amounts and one head of red onion cook for 40-60 minutes. Remove the onion, lightly mash the vegetables and add a little salt. Eat soup first, then just vegetables. In this way, the intestinal flora will be regenerated. Try to eat this way for three days, and after the third day you can add a little butter and switch to light food


When diarrhea lasts a long time and when the stool is bloody, necessarily consult a doctor.