Although elevated temperature is not considered a disease, it can occur due to a very wide range of various diseases, and it can also be the first warning sign that something is wrong with health. Therefore, any permanently elevated body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius should be taken seriously.
Elevated temperature is caused by a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection or as a result of an inflammatory process, and can also occur as a result of general metabolic problems. Elevated temperature can also be a sign of ordinary fatigue.


- Rest in bed until your elevated temperature passes
- In case of lack of appetite, do not force yourself to eat
- Eat light foods to relieve and cleanse the intestines; as many grated fresh apples as possible
- Facial baths and inhalations with the addition of chamomile and thyme can help relieve pain
- Sweating: hot drinks (especially in the afternoon because then the body sweats the most), hot bath with the addition of eucalyptus oil (caution if you have problems with blood circulation), foot baths. After sweating, wash in thyme lotion
- Coating the calf muscles with cold compresses can reduce your discomfort
- Drink plenty of fluids, especially fruit juices that contain vitamin C and kale juice, and teas made from eucalyptus, elderflower, linden, yarrow, rosehip, coltsfoot and dandelion root
- Tincture of common centaury, elderberry and meadowsweet
- Rosehip, licorice and juniper teas
- Do not use fever relievers because elevated temperature is a normal reaction of the body to defend itself against the virus and most viruses die from high temperature
- Essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, common juniper or chamomile can be used for massage, as a bath supplement or for inhalation
- Measures to strengthen the immune system: cold shower and wash, sauna, air bath
- To avoid unwanted contraindications, you should follow self-help measures or medical instructions until you fully recover
- Patience is primarily needed to strengthen the organism


When the cause of elevated temperature is a flu, contact your doctor.