Gastritis can be caused by infection, irritation, autoimmune disorders or bile return to the stomach (bile reflux). Infections can be bacterial or viral. Irritation can be caused by medication, alcohol, chronic vomiting, excessive gastric acid secretion, eating or drinking corrosive substances such as toxins. Gastritis can occur suddenly and pass in a short period of time (acute gastritis) or last for a long time (chronic gastritis).

Inflammation of the gastric mucosa (acute gastritis) is a consequence of poisoning. It is often gastritis, although it is an irritation of the gastric mucosa due to gastric overload or excessive acid secretion caused by psychosocial stress. Factors that cause acute gastritis are numerous: mushroom poisoning, food poisoning, viral infection, overdose of some medications, excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee or nicotine.

Severe stomach pain is accompanied by nausea, headache, fever, weakness and flaccidity of the tongue. Problems caused by inflammation of the gastric mucosa occur a few days after they are caused and can be cured by self-help measures, except for mushroom poisoning. Food poisoning can lead to botulism and life-threatening. Gastritis is more common in people who do not eat regularly.


- The stomach needs to be calmed and fast for 1-3 days, when drinking only tea made from savory, sage, thyme or marjoram
- Monodiet for 1-3 days with vegetable porridge or kale juice
- If it is poisoning, do not drink anything, especially not milk and try to vomit. Take vomited food and urine to the laboratory for analysis to determine if it is poisoning and if so to what extent
- Take three drops of cinnamon or laurel essential oil with a spoonful of honey
- Teas from birch, linden flower, nettle, chamomile, common centaury, lemon balm, peppermint, cumin and flax seeds
- Eat basic foods in as small a quantity as possible
- Avoid cold drinks and foods made from refined flour or sugar
- Put warm compresses on the stomach area
- Washing in fruit vinegar
- Sauna
- Enema


If you cannot determine the cause of the disease or if there is mushroom poisoning or stomach bleeding, required to seek medical help immediately.