Hallucinations are illusions that have nothing to do with stimuli captured by our sensory organs. Such people see, hear, smell, taste or touch something, but in reality it has not happened at all. It is are conceitedness.
The same thing happens to normal people, but only in exceptional circumstances. The so-called "mirage": exhausted and thirsty travelers in the desert suddenly see a palm tree, a stream, a pond. It seems to them that they will immediately reach the oasis, hurry with the last of their strength, and all of a sudden it disappears. This happens during severe exhaustion when someone tries with all his psychic powers to experience what he wants.

Hallucinations are the most common disease. Mentally ill people often experience feelings that confuse them: they hear voices, someone tells them even though they are alone in the room, or they see something that others deny, or they feel something touch them, even though there is nothing, they smell or stink that does not exist, normally spicy food it acts bland or has a strange taste. We cannot dissuade such people.

On the basis of such distorted and unreal experiences, mental illness develops. The patient believes in what he has felt as reality and tries to interpret what happened. He partly judges like a normal man. If he seems to hear the voice of his neighbor threatening him, he becomes convinced that his neighbor really wishes him harm; so he devises a defense. She first stops talking to that man, avoids him, and observes his behavior. If the hallucinations have taken hold, he will judge every real word or gesture based on the speech he was hallucinating. It can happen that out of pure peace, verbally or physically attacking a neighbor. Whoever does not know the thoughts of such a patient will consider the outburst meaningless. But the patient has developed a completely different picture of reality and his aggression is actually a defense against the deliberate attack of others.

Apparitions of this kind can occur permanently or occasionally. It is known that a patient experiences illusions and hallucinations in high temperature. This is especially violent in children. Visions are apparitions that an individual experiences so vividly that he suddenly finds himself in a special world. He is shown a scene from a story, from religious or other content. Influenced by desire and imagination, he sees and hears fairies, talks to saints, or has the feeling of attending an event. He does not admit any criticism.

Visions can refer to past or future events, and we talk about them even when someone is imaginatively and vividly anticipating the execution of an endeavor or task. It is well known that some of these enthusiastic people did indeed have the gift of excellent observation, and this was a characteristic of many scholars and inventors. Every nation had its visionaries and prophets. Their mistakes are forgotten, and the exact prophecies are remembered. Today we still cannot explain all such phenomena, they are dealt with by the special science of parapsychology.