Lymphadenitis is a chronic disease in which the limbs can become significantly swollen due to the accumulation of lymph in the tissue. Lymph is a clear fluid that is found around all the cells in the body. It removes waste products from the body and fights infections, and flows through the body thanks to the lymphatic system. A disorder in any part of this system causes characteristic swelling of one or more limbs.

Lymphadenitis can occur due to poor blood circulation, then as a result of venous disorders, complications that occur after surgical removal of the vein or when blood flow is blocked in some way, such as knee arthritis or when the cancer affects the lymphatic system, and can occur after surgical removal of lymph nodes or after radiation.

Lymphadenitis is most often caused by viral infections, and can also be bacterial, although you should be very careful with any enlargement of the lymph glands, because certain malignant conditions also increase the tissue itself. Symptoms of lymphadenitis include swelling, pain, cramps, constant whitish swelling of the leg, swollen arm after major surgery, tension and a feeling of fatigue in the limbs.


- Avoid eating meat, offal, sardines in oil, mushrooms, salt, denatured and fabricated foods, strong spices, sugar, chocolate and sweets, or foods that contain too many carbohydrates, and eat more vegetables instead
- Reduce excess weight, if it is excessive to reduce pressure on the joints
- Avoid alcohol and coffee
- Drink as much fluid as possible
- Instead of strong painkillers, gently flex your joints
- Swim because there is less strain on the joints in the water
- In acute inflammation, apply cold compresses over the joints, and in chronic inflammations, apply warm compresses, especially with the addition of clay
- Apply compresses of mashed cheese, potatoes, mustard, trine and bran
- Drink teas made from horseradish and elderberry, linden flower, nettle, celosia, thyme and birch leaves
- Massage with cream based on witch-hazel
- Baths with the addition of essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, marigold, sandalwood, thyme, rosemary, cypress or add to a sulfur bath
- Apply chili pepper cream three times a day
- Exercise moderately
- Bandages
- Acupuncture
- Acupressure


Make sure to consult a doctor.