There is almost no person who has not had an unpleasant experience with painful muscle cramps at least once in their life. It occurs frequently and rarely lasts longer than a few moments. Various factors can cause them, and the most common disorder is a lack of salt and water in the body, for example, with greater physical effort when sweating is increased, and the body does not get enough fluids.

Causes of muscle fiber spasms are metabolic disorders in muscle cells, as well as taking certain medications that either affect the increased secretion of fluid from the body or cause spasms, then a one-sided diet lacking in vitamins E and B5, calcium and potassium. Temporary circulation problems can also be the cause of cramps, and very often the causes of cramps remain unknown. Muscle cramps are harmless and only cause short-term discomfort.


- Eat foods that contain potassium (fish, poultry, asparagus) and magnesium (cereals, fresh vegetables)
- Eat foods rich in sugar before physical exertion
- Drink teas made from white hawthorn, linden flower and clover
- Stretch the muscle in the opposite direction from the direction of the spasm
- Essential oils for massage or as a supplement in the bath: lavender, peppermint, yarrow, valerian, fennel, marjoram, coriander, nutmeg
- Engage in sports and gymnastics
- Massages
- Knee bending and toe walking exercises
- Apply cold treatment
- When sleeping, raise your legs by 20 cm
- Stretch your muscles after sports activities
- Sit on the floor, embrace your toes and stretch your leg


In case of frequent muscle spasms, it is necessary to seek medical advice to determine the actual cause or possible lack of calcium or magnesium.