Pancreatitis is an inflammation or infection of the pancreas - an elongated, conical gland located behind the stomach that secretes digestive enzymes, and the hormones insulin and glucagon. Inflammation of the pancreas, whether acute or chronic, should not be taken lightly. It is caused by excessive alcohol consumption, gallstone attacks or gland overload due to concentrated nutrients. It most commonly occurs as a concomitant disease after inflammation of the stomach, duodenum, or gallbladder.

At the onset of the first symptoms such as sudden pain in the middle of the upper abdomen, elevated body temperature, rapid pulse and breathing, weakness, do not eat or drink anything and seek medical attention immediately. You can take food again only after the pain has passed. The mechanism that causes inflammation of the pancreas is not well known, but it is thought that the enzymes normally secreted by the pancreas in an inactive form are activated in the pancreas and begin to destroy its tissue. It is a process of autolysis that causes swelling, bleeding and damage to blood vessels. The attack can last 48 hours. The disease affects more men than women.

In chronic inflammation of the pancreas, enzymes are activated that destroy one's own gland, and the symptoms appear only after a long period of time, as in the case of liver cirrhosis. In that case, there is an absolute ban on alcohol consumption. After inflammation, overall pancreatic function normalizes.


- Strive to relieve all organs that affect metabolism
- Reduce body weight, ie expel toxic substances from the body with a monodiet and fasting to relieve the pancreas
- Eat as many vegetables as possible
- Strictly avoid fat, protein and sugar (only dairy proteins are allowed)
- Reduce meals quantitatively if you are overweight
- Avoid carbohydrates from refined rice, cereals, white bread and chocolate
- The pancreas does not tolerate excessive alcohol and sweet, high-calorie foods
- Take care of proper digestion and stool
- Apply the basic principles of healthy eating and digestion
- Drink currant and common juniper juices
- Warm and steam compresses with the addition of medicinal herbs to improve circulation and stimulate the work of the pancreas
- Spinach stimulates the work of the pancreas
- Regular medical check


Obligatory visit a doctor.