Rosacea is a chronic disease that is recognized by permanent redness of the skin, dilation of blood vessels and the appearance of pimples. It attacks the elderly, and the most endangered are women in the years of menopause. This disease can also affect middle-aged men who have an increase in the volume of the nose where warts can appear. A large number of patients with rosacea have low self-esteem, feel uncomfortable and frustrated, and feel that the disease negatively affects their professional activities and social life.

The causes of this disease are still unknown although there is some evidence that the cause could be a skin infection known as Dermodex folliculorum and an immune response to that infection. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun or in a solarium can also cause the disease. Rosacea develops gradually. After years of transient, prolonged redness and burning of the face, in most patients, changes in the face develop into the vascular stage of rosacea, developing permanent redness.

While the onset of this disease climbs sharply as people enter a sensitive age, many mistakenly think it is just a facial complexion problem that will resolve on its own, but the condition usually gets worse if left untreated. What is most worrying is the fact that only a small number of sufferers realize that they need medical help to stop the progression of the disease and alleviate the symptoms. Symptoms include redness that spreads to the face, an increase in the volume of the nose, pimples, pimples and the appearance of a thin network of small red-purple lines on the cheeks, nose and chin.


- Apply a diet low in animal fats, chocolate and refined sugar
- Avoid exposure to strong sun and strong winds
- Avoid alcohol
- Avoid using greasy or scented soaps
- Avoid spices and coffee
- Take vitamins A, B, C and E
- Aloe vera cream for pain and inflammation
- Apply lavender and chamomile essential oil to your face, or you can use a witch-hazel
- Hemp agrimony infusion for washing faces
- Tinctures of ashwagandha and passionflower to alleviate the appearance of acne
- Against infection, take garlic, burdock and echinacea
- Blackcurrant and linden teas and grape seed extract
- Take dandelion and artichoke capsules to cleanse the liver
- Avoid stress


It is necessarily to visit a doctor.