Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses is most often the result of chronic colds. The nasal and frontal cavities are lined with mucosa that swells during inflammation due to a virus or bacteria. The secretion cannot leak, but creates painful pressure. As a rule, the pain disappears after a few days. In some cases, growths are made from the mucosa, which can then only be removed by puncture or surgery. Some cases of sinusitis are due to allergies associated with atmospheric pollution. Depending on the severity of the disease, the doctor prescribes antibiotics or sulfonamides.

Typical symptoms of sinusitis are fever, pain on the affected side or when the inflamed sinus is pressed, stuffy nose and increased secretion, coughing during the night, weakening of the sense of smell, headache most often in the morning, and sometimes pain when chewing. The symptoms and location of the strongest pressure and pain vary depending on which of the sinuses is most affected by the inflammation. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis do not differ significantly, except that they last longer, and in some people they never completely subside but worsen in certain situations.


- Drink as much fluid as possible to keep the nasal secretions moist
- The menu must consist of light foods with lots of vegetables
- Avoid animal protein and as less carbohydrates as possible
- Avoid nicotine
- Steaming your face over hot water with the addition of chamomile, eucalyptus or pine and after the bath, make sure that your face does not suddenly cool down
- To reduce pain, apply alternating cold and warm compresses to the nostrils
- On the sore spot put compresses with the addition of kale leaves, trine or clay, loam
- Teas to prevent inflammation common ash, chamomile and thyme
- Wash your face more often in alternating hot and cold water
- Take garlic, goldenseal and echinacea
- Stay in a comfortably heated room and do not work or sleep in damp and cold rooms
- Treatment using blue light
- CCheck with your dentist to make sure that all your teeth are healthy
- Acupressure
- Massage


If the pain becomes unbearable or lasts longer than a few days, obligatory visit your doctor.