Some skin infections are of viral origin, such as herpes, warts, chicken pox, and herpes zoster, other types of infections are caused by bacteria, such as ulcers, scarlet fever, and impetigo, while the third types are a fungal origin, such as athlete's foot and lichen and can have serious consequences. In the case of impetigo, they can lead to kidney disease or to a general infection of the body known as septicemia, or blood poisoning.

Impetigo is a very common disease that often affects children. Ulcers develop when the hair follicle becomes inflamed. The infection spreads to adjacent tissue which is then filled with pus. Ulcers can also be caused by diabetes. Skin infections are mostly spread by scratching, scratching or are the result of poor body hygiene. The most endangered are children in kindergartens and schools, and people who suffer from dermatitis and people whose immunity is low.

A skin rash is most often an allergy-induced rash in the form of red or brown itchy bumps, similar to when it stings on a nettle. The rash may be accompanied by burns, or fever with a dry skin surface. It is most commonly caused by allergies to certain foods, but it is also caused by certain medications, insect bites, and chemicals. Hypersensitivity of the skin is sometimes caused by mental nervousness. The skin rash is generally harmless, in addition to causing unbearable itching, but self-initiated diagnosis by the patient is not a good idea.


- After the first rash, try to determine if there is an allergy to certain foods, and avoid them
- Do not squeeze the ulcers but let them mature and expel the pus
- Eat foods low in fat and salt
- Take garlic, Siberian ginseng and echinacea against infection
- For suppression of itching use ice compresses with addition of sage
- Body wash in fruit vinegar
- Thyme, lavender, common juniper and savory compresses
- Steam baths
- Avoid stress
- Move as much as possible in the fresh air
- Do not spread the infection by scratching
- Avoid sausages, fatty meats and cakes
- Relax
- Get enough sleep
- Improve liver function by taking dandelion, artichoke and burdock
- Regularly clean the intestines
- Strengthen your immune system to prevent re-rash


Skin rash caused by certain medications or insect bites can lead to suffocation, and in such cases it is necessary to seek medical help.