Uncontrolled muscle spasms are characterized by a disease called tetany. Frequent cramps and muscle stiffness known as tics usually occur in the arms and legs, but can also affect the face. The causes of tetany are not known, although research suggests that the disease is due to a chemical imbalance in the body. It is often associated with low levels of calcium in the blood which usually occurs when there is not enough vitamin D. It can also be caused by rapid breathing during anxiety attacks, and sometimes low levels of sodium in the blood can cause the disease.

Tetany most often attacks nervous and hypersensitive people, and women get sick more often than men. Symptoms include spasmodic twitching of the arms and legs, chronic fatigue, cramps that can affect the muscles of the face and spine, and difficulty breathing during spasms.


- Eat foods that contain potassium (fish, poultry, asparagus) and magnesium (cereals, fresh vegetables)
- Eat foods rich in sugar before physical exertion
- Eat cereal seeds
- Drink teas made from nettle, white hawthorn, linden flower and clover
- Stretch the muscle in the opposite direction from the direction of the spasm
- Essential oils for massage or as a supplement in the bath: lavender, peppermint, yarrow, valerian, fennel, marjoram, coriander, nutmeg
- Play sports and gymnastics
- Massages
- Knee bending exercises and toe walking
- Apply cold treatment
- During sleep, raise your legs by 20 cm
- Stretch your muscles after sports activities
- Sit on the floor, embrace your toes and stretch your leg
- Avoid foods that prevent the absorption of calcium in the intestines (spinach, hazelnuts, dried legumes) and foods rich in acids (rhubarb)
- Tinctures of anise, golden poppy, passionflower and valerian


In case of frequent muscle spasms, it is necessary to seek medical advice to determine the actual cause or possible lack of calcium or magnesium.