Inflammation of the tonsils and pharynx are very common diseases of the throat. The most common causes are viruses and bacteria, but allergic inflammations are also present. They usually pass quickly and without complications, although in some patients more serious complications can occur, especially after purulent bacterial inflammation.

Acute purulent sore throat, angina, is most often caused by streptococcus. It starts with a sudden high temperature, and a strong sore throat, headache, difficulty swallowing and a feeling of weakness. Enlarged lymph nodes can be felt on the neck. Purulent deposits can be seen on the tonsils and palatine arches.
The viral sore throat is milder, and is accompanied by a discharge of secretions from the nose, a stuffy nose, a feeling of scratching in the throat, and the throat and pharynx are red.
Chronic tonsillitis is a consequence of recurrent acute inflammations. The chronic course can also be the result of smoking, working in a polluted atmosphere, excessive alcohol consumption or chronic gastritis.
Inflammation of the larynx, laryngitis, is most often a milder disease accompanied by hoarseness, scratching in the throat, and less often loss of voice. Causes of the disease can be voice strain, sudden changes in temperature, cold, dust and tobacco smoke.

The third tonsil can be a problem in childhood, and is located behind the posterior openings of the nasal cavity. It plays an important role in defending the body against infection, however, it can increase to the point that the child has difficulty breathing through the nose, snores, sleeps poorly and often wakes up. Because air does not pass through the nose and is not purified, the child is more prone to infections of the nose, sinuses, ears and lungs. All this can lead to a slow growth of the child, the child is pale, breathes with his mouth open because secretions are dripping from his nose, he looks sleepy. Pressure on the Eustachian tube (the tube that regulates the pressure in the middle ear) can cause bacterial inflammation of the middle ear, so hearing problems are also noticed in these children.


- A healthy lifestyle strengthens the body's defense system and prevents disease
- At the first signs of infection, immediately apply self-help measures, bed rest and application of heat to prevent angina
- Apply warm / hot compresses around the throat with the addition of sage tea, vinegar and clay three times a day
- Put compresses with the addition of eucalyptus and lavender oil on the chest
- Foot baths in warm / hot water
- Boil the potatoes in their skins and mash them, put them in a woolen sock, wrap the sock around your neck and put a scarf over it (apply overnight while sleeping)
- Gargling and rinsing the mouth with teas of chamomile, blackberry, marigold, sage and peppermint or with salt water
- Drink teas made from sage, marshmallow and mallow
- Drink as much fluid as possible
- Massage the neck with eucalyptus essential oil
- Eat mashed foods and as less dairy products as possible
- Stop smoking cigarettes because they damage the lining of the throat
- Get as much vitamin A, B1 and C as possible
- In case of lack of appetite, do not force yourself to eat
- Honey propolis, sage candies
- Bathe in lukewarm water because this lowers the temperature
- In case of pharyngitis, drink sage and thyme teas
- For tonsillitis, take marshmallow, mallow, echinacea, sweet violet and hedge mustard
- Drink black elderberry preparations
- During recovery, drink preparations of rosehip, rosemary and sea buckthorn
- Massage eucalyptus essential oil into the throat area
- Inaction


If the sore throat lasts longer than two days you should visit a doctor.