Ulcerative colitis is the medical name for chronic inflammation and the formation of ulcers on the colon. The disease is manifested in the appearance of bloody diarrhea which may contain pus and mucus. Its first appearance is the most common and strongest, and after that its development is manifested in occasional strengthening and abatement over several years. Ulcerative colitis most often occurs in younger adults, and can also occur in the elderly.

The causes of ulcerative colitis are still a matter of debate. This disease can be an inherited disorder in the immune system in which the body produces antibodies that attack its own cells in the gut. The disease is often associated with other diseases that are suspected or confirmed to be related to genetic causes. Ulcerative colitis often attacks people whose diet lacks fiber and is too rich in refined sugars. Emotional stress, existing infection, gastroenteritis or taking antibiotics can cause the development of this disease. It has also been observed that non-smokers and ex-smokers get sick more often than smokers.


- Before starting to correct the diet and digestion, it is important to clean the intestines by applying enemas, or a longer fast
- Avoid milk, dairy products, yeast, and raw fruits and vegetables
- Thyme, savory and dandelion teas have a cleansing effect on the intestines
- Marshmallow, yarrow and chamomile teas suppress inflammation
- Essential oils of thyme, lemon, dandelion and savory stimulate the excretion of toxins from the intestines
- Avoid foods that you know upset your digestion
- Try to eat as many beetroot as possible and drink juice from it because it contains betanin which has an antibacterial effect
- Drink plenty of fluids
- Radish and apple affect the expulsion of toxins from the intestines
- Avoid stressful situations, alcohol and nicotine
- Apply relaxation techniques
- Try to move as much as possible to stretch and strengthen the intestinal muscles
- Use blueberries for diarrhea
- A diet rich in protein, iron and potassium will help make up for lost substances due to diarrhea


It is necessarily to seek medical help.