Warts are benign skin growths that are caused by a viral infection and can occur on all parts of the body and at all ages. The infection most often occurs due to direct contact, usually in swimming pools, sports halls, etc., and can occur completely by accident for no apparent reason.

As a rule, benign warts do not require medical treatment and recede on their own over time. The immune mechanism leading to wart retraction is not known, but it is known that generalized skin changes caused by HPV can occur in people whose immunity is weakened due to, for example, organ transplantation or HIV infection. The exceptions are deep warts that can appear on the hands and feet and cause pain when walking. They should be medically treated by excision. Surgery of these warts does not exclude the possibility of their recurrence.


- The old method of self-help against warts is hypnosis and autosuggestion, ie methods that mobilize the body's defense system
- An old home remedy for warts is to drip a few drops of dandelion or marigold milk on it
- Several times a day smear a wart with garlic
- Soak a marigold leaf in diluted vinegar and put on the wart and keep for a week
- Applying compresses of kale leaves
- Beware of corrosive agents because they contain strong chemicals (salicylic acid) that can irritate the surrounding skin if handled improperly. More suitable are anti-wart sticking plaster that also contain salicylic acid. Every two to three days, the softened layer of wart skin is removed with scissors until the wart root is reached and removed


If you are not sure how to remove a wart or do not dare, seek medical help.