Winds are the result of poor digestion and manifest as gas in the stomach or intestines and cause winds, belching, swelling and bloating. There is a boiling of food in the intestines and the formation of gas, which is why the winds are accompanied by cramps, or abdominal pain. They are usually common in people who are overweight. Further causes can be allergies to certain foods, damaged intestinal flora, increased swallowing of air or foods that cause winds.

Winds and bloating occur when you eat too fast and swallow air with food or when you drink fizzy drinks during a meal. Some foods or larger amounts of raw vegetables or fruits produce more gas than other foods, e.g., garlic, peas, legumes, cabbage, sweet foods. Insufficiently chewed food can also be the cause.

Bloating can also be caused by increased activity of bacteria in the large intestine, and can also occur after constipation, intestinal obstruction or paralysis of their work. Intestinal infections, bacterial growth, and the initial stage of gastroenteritis can often be the cause of this condition. Bloating is an almost regular occurrence in people prone to nervousness or stress.


- Eat slowly and chew food well to swallow as little air as possible
- Avoid drinking beer and beverages that contain carbonic acid when eating
- Try to lose weight
- Avoid chewing gum
- Avoid foods that cause wind (onions, garlic, beans, cabbage family vegetables)
- Avoid foods and beverages that cause indigestion (sugar, honey, jam, milk, alcohol)
- If there is an allergy to some foods, determine which ones and avoid them
- Teas of anise, dill, lemon balm, cumin and yarrow significantly reduce wind formation and should be drunk warm and preferably before meals
- Take rosemary, marjoram, lemongrass, mint, cumin, coriander and fennel as teas
- Putting warm compresses over the abdomen
- Caraway and common centaury tinctures
- Whoever shows a penchant for winds should clean their intestines more often by enema
- Try to move as much as possible to move your bowels
- Do abdominal gymnastics, abdominal massage, partial baths and avoid wearing tight clothing
- Yoga
- Breathing exercises help to avoid swallowing air while eating by breathing properly
- Avoid stressful situations


Except in the case of allergies to certain foods to determine exactly which ones, a visit to the doctor is not required.