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Medicinal herbs and their preparations are the oldest form of treatment of various diseases, and even today two thirds of mankind use medicinal herbs as the main means of treatment. And many modern medicines are directly or partially altered from plants. Approximately twenty thousand medicinal plants are used in the world. Of these, one thousand hundred plants have been well researched, and from two hundred and fifty species the basic ingredients for the production of modern medicines with herbal active substances are obtained.

Like any other science, knowledge of the action and use of medicinal herbs is constantly evolving. Plant efficacy research and clinical trials are broadening our horizons day by day. The description of the ingredients and action gives only an incomplete overview of all the substances contained in each plant. Improved research methods allow us to constantly discover new substances and determine their structure, even when they are present in the plant in very small quantities. Long-term use of certain plants in folk medicine has often given and still gives impetus to new research.

We rarely use unprocessed plants, chew them or enjoy them whole. We usually make different preparations from them. Certain ingredients in the finished composition are concentrated with respect to the preparation and the type of solvent used. The most common preparations are tea, tincture, extract, essential oil, fresh juice and syrup. Tea is the most common preparation, and we usually make it as a infusion or decoction. Be sure to consult a doctor and a qualified herbalist before attempting to pick plants, prepare preparations, or use them in treatment, as individual plants or their parts can be very poisonous and life-threatening.

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